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  • Returns Policy


    We would like to thank you for your purchase. Hopefully you will be pleased with your purchased goods and the service you have received from Fashion2Get Online shop. If for any reason you are unhappy with the service or products, we offer a refund policy for items you have purchased from us. You have the opportunity to get your money back or to exchange items. Please do that within 3 days after the products have been received.

    It is very crucial to thoroughly fill in the return / exchange form. The return / exchange form has to be filled out and attached to the items that are returned / exchanged. This form can be sent to you via email.

    Please be informed that the return / exchange policy rules are as following:

    • Goods have to be returned in the original packaging and tags cannot be removed from any item.
    • Items have to be unworn and the appearance cannot be compromised in any way.
    • Bathing suits have to be returned in boxes so that the cups will not be damaged.
    • Panties, body's, full body stockings, stockings and tights and other underwear are not returnable.
    • Cosmetic products are not returnable if they have been opened or used in any way.
    • Items that are returned from Lithuania have to reach us within 7 working days and from foreign countries - within 14 working days.
    • Shipping costs are not refundable, only money for the purchased goods is.


    Customer Commits:

    • To put the full sender address on the packaging when returning products.
    • To return all presents that were given with the returned items.


    Fashion2Get Online Shop Commits:

    • To refund for purchased items that were defective (if the customer was not informed about the defect).
    • To refund for purchased items if the customer is not satisfied about the quality or appearance. Or to exchange to another size or model (if exchange is possible).
    • If the purchased goods are defective, Fashion2Get Online shop commits to repay for all shipment costs.
    • Our online shop is not responsible for purchased items that were delivered to an incorrect address or were lost. For this reason we recommend to return your purchases with registered post.
    • We commit to return money for the products that are returned within 3 working days. This is done after inspecting if the returned products have not violated our return policy rules. Money will be refunded to the account from which the payment was made.


    Refund Procedure:

    • Money will be returned to the account from where the payment for the items was made.
    • Money will not be refundable for products that were bought not in Fashion2Get Online shop.
    • Money will not be refundable for products that were intentionally damaged or due to careless treatment (affecting with high temperatures, damaging with sharp objects etc.).